This Is A Bitcatcha Test Site


What's This For?

This test site is a part of our Hostinger Website Builder review in We created it - as a mock online store - to find out how it performs in terms of server speed and uptime.

Hostinger website builder is proprietary, meaning that your usage experience will not be the same except in a graphic-user interface (GUI) sense. You will not be allowed to use other web apps such as WordPress to build on this platform.

Which Hosting Plan Are We Using?

Premium Web Hosting

Hostinger Website Builder Server Speed Peformance

With claims from Hostinger boasting of excellent performance, I ran a basic site (this one) through a series of test to confirm what was being sold. Here are the test results:

Rating: A+

Worldwide Average Speed: 2.5 ms

US Average Speed: 2.5 ms

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Something delicious

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Book a table

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